We work with individuals seeking

Health insurance plans independently from an employer.

We help individuals seeking

health insurance plans independently from an employer.

Insurance For Individuals & Families

We always meet family needs and address their concerns.

If you are looking for health care plans on the new government Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace, we can help you navigate the system. We’ll make sure you get a rate you can afford with all the coverage options you need. There are many requirements to meet and potential discounts you can receive depending on your age and income.

Creamer Health Insurance, inc also finds individual plans with customized options for any age, employment status, or set of needs. Open access plans give you the freedom to choose your own doctors with no referral needed for specialists and no primary care physician required.

Co-pay only plans allow you to only pay the co-pay for specialist visits after the deductible is met, while PCP visits are covered before the deductible.

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Generic brand drugs are also covered before the deductible.

High deductible plans cover preventative care at 100% before the deductible, with health savings account compatible options available. PCP plans are covered after the co-pay prior to meeting the deductible.

All of the options above are also available for families, with options that cater to men, women, and children. Creamer Insurance Agency, Inc will customize plans for married couples and those with any number of children. For infants, toddlers, young children, and teens, we have options to suit the needs and typical medical costs that arise throughout their development. From school required physicals and vaccinations to colds and broken arms, we’ll make sure your children receive the best medical care possible.

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